Global Customer Community – Popular Discussions and New Features

Global Customer Community – Popular Discussions and New Features

People are joining the NICE CXone Customer Community in droves and harnessing the (recently expanded) benefits it offers for managing their contact center. You’ll find over 4,000 articles, news and events, community discussions, help documentation, voting for product ideas and more.

In case you missed the news, features including an amazing Case Management interface and a stunning Platform Status display, wrapped in a totally slick new look and feel, are now available in the community. No matter how many adjectives we use to dress it up, though, you just can’t know how cool it is until you see it. We encourage… No, we implore you to go to the Customer Community and see what we’ve done for yourself.

If you join us now, although late to the party, your tardiness will remain safely in the fashionable range. Whether you just poke around our medicine cabinets or engage in conversation with other partygoers, I mean community members, you’ll love experiencing this collaborative resource. And, the best part is if you have access to the Support Site, you can log in to the Community with the same credentials. If you don’t have access to Support, do not fear. You can still gain entry. Stay tuned until the end of this article and we’ll give you the super special admission handshake. Global Customer Community – Popular Discussions and New Features

What is the Customer Community?

The Customer Community provides a platform to help your team connect, collaborate, and share information with peers in the contact center industry around the globe. With this tool, you will help your business find success through:

  • Discussions: Customer Community discussions allow you to engage with other customers and NICE CXone subject experts to either find answers to questions you have or provide useful feedback for your peers.
  • Product Enhancement Input: The Community allows you to engage your influence through submitting product enhancement requests and voting on other user submissions.
  • Unified Search: You can search many sources for useful information in one place, cutting down the time it takes to get trusted knowledge.

As part of our long-term plan to consolidate self-service tools to one location, the following features were made available in the Community.

  • Case Management
    • Users with applicable permissions in the Support Site will now be able to create, view, and update Technical Support cases in the Customer Community.
    • New interface will provide simpler interaction, quicker access to help sources, and an overall improved experience.
    • Existing case management functionality in the Support Site will remain available for the time being.
  • NEW! Platform Status display
    • Comparable to the Trust site available through the Support Site.
    • Updated display of current platform and product status, maintenance, and event details.
  • NEW! User Management Tool
    • Customer-side Support Site administrators will have a more modern and integrated tool for managing user access and permissions.
    • Replaces existing user management tool for customer admins.
    • Accessible from Customer Community and Support Site.


From workforce management to quality management analytics, there are articles about getting the most from NICE CXone. Since you’ve made it to the end of this article, we have either guilted you or enticed you to stick around this long. We’ll take it either way. As promised, if you don’t currently have access to the Support Site, you’ll need to know the special knock to get you into the party that is the NICE CXone Customer Community. So, here it is.


You will use your Central credentials to validate your eligibility. Once verified, you will be asked to create a username and password for logging in. That’s it. Easy peasy. Except…if you have UserHub instead of Central or are using Federated Identity Management, ADFS, or SSO. In those cases, you will not be able to self-register. Instead, email to request enrollment. See you soon!