Government Contact Centers - Your Citizens Demand Good Customer Service Too

Once upon a time it was widely accepted that contact centers in certain industry vertical markets didn’t have to worry about the service experience they delivered. Utilities and Government are two verticals that come to mind. The assumption being that if customers have no competitive choice, then why bother with the hassle and expense of good customer service. That’s no longer the case.

Government contact centers have come to realize that the experience their constituents and other stakeholders get is indeed important. Although switching to a competitive government isn’t an option, they can heavily influence who is in charge. Either directly via elections, or indirectly by complaining to an overseeing entity.

Unfortunately, after years of stagnation and neglect, government call centers are finding it challenging to improve service. They are often saddled with outdated, on-premises technology and face tight budget controls. Cloud contact center technology offers government contact centers a path to move away from legacy systems, improve their operations, and reduce maintenance costs. We’re now seeing some great success stories of doing just that.

If you run a government contact center, cloud technology makes it possible to enjoy the same benefits that private-sector service organizations have enjoyed. Learn how you can deliver a great experience for your citizens and stakeholders when they reach out to your operation.

You can see for yourself how one of our customers, Georgia Department of Revenue’s Motor Vehicle Division turned to NICE inContact CXone to replace their old on-premises system and help them make their constituents feel like VIPs in our whitepaper, How to Deliver Gold-Standard Customer Service. The flexibility of the NICE inContact CXone Cloud Customer Experience solution even help them avoid a shutdown when the infamous 2014 Snowmageddon hit Atlanta.