Growth is this Season's Latest Trend

There's a new trend in town - company growth. Everyone is doing it or, at the very least, planning for it. I have the pleasure to hear firsthand how some of the companies that have presented as part of our Problem Solved Tour and our case studies are gearing up for company growth.

What I find interesting is that this trend seems all encompassing and very much enabled by the cloud. As one of our customers said, "If you are at a steady state and will never change your number of agents and don’t want to change, grow, or improve your business strategy, the cloud is not for you. However, if you don’t fit that description...”

He hit the nail on the head with that characterization - the cloud enables business growth. And just how does it do it? Well, here are a few ways:

  • Pay-as-you-go: Rather than buying a system today and paying for capacity that you may not use for 7 years (or ever), you pay for what you need and scale up or down as the business grows and seasons shift.
  • Increased business focus: The majority of customers I speak with tell us how they can focus on business initiatives instead of worrying about their routing system. In fact, one customer said that before implementing inContact, they had so many issues with their IVR that the subject consumed 20-30 minutes of their weekly executive meetings and countless man hours. After they implemented inContact, the discussions evaporated because they system was so reliable.
  • Upgrades included: With cloud-based software, you're always running the most current version. I used to work for an on-premise company, where we we had customers that were as much as three versions behind (~7 years) and when they decided to upgrade, it was a year-long event. It was extremely expensive in both time and money. That goes away with the cloud.

As you're planning your growth strategy, put the cloud on the top of your list. It's the hottest trend of the season.