Happy Customer Service Week!

Today winds down the end of Customer Service Week - a favorite time of year for people in my line of work. But I was thinking, should it only be Customer Service Week??? How about we initiate Customer Service Week EVERY Week!!!

I think it is great that Customer Service organizations get their own week to celebrate and thank all the hard working Customer Service/Support teams, but in my world it’s really about the entire company focusing to deliver an outstanding customer experience for their customers.

At the end of the day what every company is “ selling” is the “ experience” of doing business with the company they represent. Yes your Customer Service/Support teams are the first point of contact; the face and brand of the company, but what about all those employees behind the magic curtain that ensure the Customer Service/Support teams can provide the service customers are looking for?

I encourage all Service/Support leaders to take ownership of the employee experience and build out the tools, processes and learning (this is a much better term than "training") required to empower your Customer Service/Support teams to make a difference for your customers each and every day and encourage the Customer Experience Culture across your entire company.

It takes a team to WIN, not an organization, and what better time to think about your employees' experience than Customer Service Week!