Have You Earned Your Customers’ Trust

Customer trust is a must in today’s hyper-competitive, ultra-connected business environment and companies that lack trust will quickly lose customers to the competition. Additionally customers have more power than ever before to voice expectations and opinions through their social networks and online communities.

The question is—how do companies take their customer experience to the next level to build customer trust? This can be done by being more responsive and proactive, delivering consistently on brand promises, listening to customers and acting on that insight.

The contact center is ideally suited to be the center of an organization’s trust efforts. Every contact—whether a call, email, chat, or social interaction—represents a moment of truth that can help to build customer trust or destroy it. In our upcoming webinar, Martha Rogers, Founding Partner of Peppers and Rogers Group, and I will examine the criticality of customer trust. We’ll also discuss how to harness contact center interactions and insight to build that trust, as well as highlight organizations that are doing so successfully.

In this valuable webinar, we’ll also discuss:

  • Why customer trust is critical today
  • The two actions companies must take to demonstrate trustability
  • How companies can use the contact center to build trust
  • The role of customer insight in developing customer trust
  • The five steps every company must take to build customer trust

Every organization looking for a sustainable competitive advantage needs one thing: customer trust. We’ll hope you join us to learn how to gain that trust.

Date: Wednesday, April 20
Time: 2:00pm ET

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