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How to Boost Agent Productivity A Swisslog Case Study

How to Boost Agent Productivity: A Swisslog Case Study

Now more than ever, personalised customer experiences are key to success. Personalised, multichannel service is no longer a perk; it’s what customers expect. However, you may not realise that personalisation is central to the success of your contact centre agents too.

With an integrated CRM and contact centre, your agents gain immediate access to a holistic view of customer information — so they’re equipped to deliver the kinds of extraordinary, personalised experiences you want your brand to be known for. With NICE inContact CXone Agent for Salesforce, call centres gain benefits that are unrivalled in the market, including omnichannel support, unified agent experience, automatic synchronising of data and workforce optimisation capabilities.

How does this tool boost agent productivity and agent experience? Swisslog, a leader in automation solutions for logistics and healthcare, experienced firsthand how the personalisation tools of CXone Agent for Salesforce created the perfect match for customers and agents. Read on to discover the benefits of this tool and how the call centre software boosted Swisslog’s productivity.

Eliminate Hours of Work

Automatic synchronisation between your contact centre and CRM means after-call work is dramatically reduced with the elimination of tedious, error-prone manual updates. Agents are empowered with the tools and information they need to see how the service they deliver is directly contributing to the success of the business.

And this represents added value for your business as well: combining your contact centre data with your CRM creates a holistic view that enables your agents to make truly informed business decisions. With up-to-date synchronisation that offers a holistic customer journey data view, your agents will always have access to the most current customer contacts and your business will have accurate information to identify not only best practices but also opportunities for improvement. Check out the case study to see how this advantage impacted Swisslog.

Simplify Instant Access

CXone Agent for Salesforce creates a unified agent experience. Your agents can use a single sign-on to log in, eliminating repeated system logins that cause unnecessary confusion. A unified agent desktop consolidates all contact centre and CRM controls into a single interface. The sleeker design of call centre software reduces agent effort by presenting functionality based on the context of the interaction.

The integration doesn’t stop there. When agents need to initiate outbound calls, they can do so from the CRM record so they can see the customer’s information and save time. Agent presence is synchronised between your inbound contact centre and CRM, so your agents are never surprised by an incoming interaction. This software for contact centres readies your agents to deliver a phenomenal customer experience from the outset.

Swisslog knew its agents needed a solution that ensured knowledge and competence across the organisation was uniform and detailed. CXone Agent for Salesforce made certain that all agents had access to all information. With quick and easy access to the tools and information they need, your agent is going to handle more interactions in less time and deliver a more personalised service every time.

Utilise Channel Elevation

CXone Agent for Salesforce drives productivity and interaction efficiencies, with the ability to handle up to 25 interactions concurrently and allow the agent to elevate between channels.

Agents who are working on a chat with a customer, can switch to a phone call and have that interaction still measured as a single interaction. You’ll even be able to see how much time the agent spent on each channel. This streamlined experience makes an impact with less agent effort, drives faster and more convenient customer experiences and enables easier interaction reporting and analysis with a unified interaction record.

The Results

What can your organisation achieve with such an integrated tool? Swisslog reduced wait times by almost 30% — overnight! With all the account information available immediately when customers called, agents were able to use their time more efficiently. No time was wasted asking the same old questions to every customer — and it all added up to delivering customer solutions rapidly.

With auto-populated account information for customers, agents no longer needed to start the call with the questions normally asked in the first 60 seconds. Instead, they were able to jump straight into problem-solving. This led to a 16% reduction in average handle time. Additionally, Swisslog agents were spending less time doing after call work because the documentation automatically populated.

All these features of CXone Agent for Salesforce came together to increase agent productivity and transform the way Swisslog used their time. With every call they took, agents could automatically see the customer’s service relationship history and enhance the entire customer experience.

What’s Next for Your Call Centre

It’s clear that the success of a contact centre depends on its agents. You’ve learned several ways to increase your productivity and heighten workforce management, but this is just the beginning as your organisation evolves to reach its full potential.

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