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How to Keep Yourself - and Your Business - Healthy Over the Holidays

The holidays can be overwhelming, bringing a busy retail season to our businesses, and a few extra pounds to our bodies thanks to Thanksgiving Day. inContact has rounded up a team of experts to share ideas for keeping your personal health and business health on track so you can enjoy the holiday season without regret!

Enter both MINDBODY, the largest cloud-based software provider within the health, wellness, and beauty industries and Bodies by Perseverance (BBP), a MINDBODY customer that uses their software to run an exclusive personal training and fitness gym located in Denver, Colorado. MINDBODY implemented inContact products in 2010 and continues to develop progressive solutions for their customer service teams.

Both share a common belief: there’s no time like the present.

At MINDBODY, leveraging technology to create fast and effective customer experiences is crucial.

“Our contact center services over 40,000 customers and can take upwards of 2,000+ calls per day,” said Stacey Potts. “We receive an influx of calls about how to set up holiday promotions, redeem gift cards and run reports, starting around Thanksgiving and continuing through the month of January.”

Bodies by Perseverance depends on MINDBODY for help in creating holiday promotions each year, such as their Black Friday deal. As Co-Founder and Trainer at BBP, Jennifer Samuels encourages people to begin their fitness programs today.

“I have several clients that want to start their nutrition and exercise plan after the holidays,” Jennifer explains. “But now is the time! Don’t feel like you have to wait for the New Year. Stay active and be mindful of keeping your meals balanced while leading up to your Thanksgiving meal and afterwards. Your metabolism needs food. And you need to enjoy Thanksgiving.”

MINDBODY offers a helpful checklist for holiday prep as well – from a business standpoint:

1. Update your IVR to include your most popular holiday requests.

In order to reduce the amount of call transfers, MINDBODY adds a new IVR option for the holiday season. Customers are quickly routed to the agent that is best skilled in creating holiday promotions or setting up gift cards.

2. Take the load off your agents. Review FAQ’s and push top content to your website.

MINDBODY takes the initiative to review how customers can help themselves online.

“I frequently use MINDBODY’s website to search for an answer I need,” said Jennifer. “I also love accessing the community forum to see what other owners are doing and to find a solution quickly.”

MINDBODY reviews live chat conversations and tickets to identify what online information needs to be easily accessible. They also have agents take a short survey to get their feedback about commonly asked questions. By utilizing their contact center data, they are able to adjust their online content and serve the needs of a DIY customer like Jennifer.

3. Explore Integrating your CRM with your IVR

MINDBODY wanted their customers to have a seamless call interaction that would pull information stored in their CRM. What they developed was a customized phone tree experience. The design includes having a ticket screen pop up for the agent to see the customer’s information. As a result, MINDBODY has lowered Average Talk Time and After Call Work so they can help the next customer. The client information is collected in the IVR by recognizing the Automatic Number ID (ANI) or Client ID (CID) hosted in their CRM.

Patrick Perl, MINDBODY’s Sr. Manager of Workforce Analysis explains, “We want white glove service for the client experience where we are routing clients based off what we know about them. It’s also about the agent experience. We don’t have our agents ask redundant questions. They can quickly get to the meat of the call.”

4. Give your customers more options

Like MINDBODY, BBP is always adjusting to meet client demand.

“We had several clients requesting a Thanksgiving workout before they indulge,” Jennifer explains. “We started doing our Thanksgiving Pre-Burn event with a few clients and each year it has grown. We now train 60+ people on Thanksgiving morning. With MINDBODY’s software, we can configure online payments for non-members and easily increase the registrant limit.”

About 70% of MINDBODY’s customer interactions are inbound and outbound calls. They provide 24/7 support via chat and email as well, but they wanted to give their customers more ways to reach them.

MINDBODY implemented a ‘Click-to-Call’ feature on their site so the customer can have the same priority as live callers and receive a call back when an agent is available. A skilled agent will be able to call that client back based off the topic the customer selected. Once implemented, Click-to-Call received positive feedback and was immediately adopted.

“The robustness of inContact’s API and flexibility of studio scripting is everything,” Patrick said. “We wouldn’t have anything we have now without this usability.”

Learn more about how you can implement these changes to your contact center.

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