ICUC 2011 Wednesday Recap

I have to confess that I'm a bit biased toward Wednesday being one of the best days of ICUC. I mean, come on - Wednesday featured The New (and certainly improved) Early Morning Show... featuring Mariann McDonagh and Heather Hurst as the hosts. (Yes, I hosted - that explains my bias...)

We had such a blast taking the stage first thing in the morning to hear what our customers and partners are doing to improve call center practices and meet the emerging trends entering the market. The show featured guests from Siemens Enterprise Communications, DATACORE Marketing, Fused Solutions and a couple of our internal foks. We also continued the tradition of a Top 10 list...

Top 10 Things Call Center Agents Wish They Had
10. Voice automated polygraph
9. Ability to “fire” callers
8. Voice filter that makes your voice sound like a manager’s voice
7. Jedi mind tricks
6. Agent translator that translates profanity into professional jargon
5. Call list of 10 year olds in every neighborhood to help with technology needs
4. Gigantic hand to come through phone for slapping purposes
3. Functioning Magic 8 Ball
2. Janet Jackson’s headset from the “Janet” tour [show the Janet pic]
1. Wrong answer buzzer

The Early Morning Show was followed by a full day of fantastic breakout sessions and networking with attendees. After a complete day of learning, the attendees wound down in front of the blackjack, roulette and poker tables at our Casino Night.