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Implementation Bliss

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and I find that it’s often the little things that make a first impression really memorable. We have a proven methodology for the implementation process with new customers, and it’s my good fortune to be a part of that process and see the small things that make a huge impression on our customers. 

Recently I had the good fortune of being on-site for the project kick-off call with a new customer and the implementation team. After the call, as we were wrapping up, the CIO says to me, ”I was on a healthcare website today looking for a phone number to get a question answered about an insurance issue when up pops a ‘Want to Chat NOW?’” box.  He noticed that the chat window said, “Powered by inContact” and said “YES!”  He said the agent quickly resolved his issue and before wrapping up the chat he asked, “on a totally unrelated topic, how do you like the inContact system?”  He said the response was instantaneous,  “we love it; it is awesome!”  This customer CIO was grinning.  It was such a great way to begin a partnership with a reference from a complete stranger who happens to be a user!

Another customer was in the first two weeks of his implementation with us and needed his existing IVR recordings imported into the inContact system. He asked the implementation consultant how he should send them into the company to be added into the inContact system. The consultant told him to send them in whatever format he had them in and if they weren’t in the right format, inContact would convert them. The customer told me that was so great to hear – especially since a prior vendor had given a very different answer, and he said, “it’s just one more thing that makes us feel like you guys are here to HELP us!”.  

It’s so great to work with these amazing customers and see our lasting first impression.