inContact is Making the World a Smaller Place

Making the World, a smaller place.

Technology, and I think, most notably, telecommunications technology has made the world a smaller place. Fiber optics cables now connect the far places of the world together, providing reliable high capacity channels able to transmit tremendous amounts of voice and data traffic virtually any where at a very low cost. This technology is allowing call centers to operate virtually any where in the world, servicing a world wide market.

In order to support global contact centers, inContact has developed technology and data centers to service this demand. To meet our four nines standard for uptime, we have developed reliable gateways and media servers that can be configured in a redundant design, able to carry high volumes of traffic with a high degree of reliability. Going one better, we also improved our inContact media servers, and gave them the ability to transparently move calls from one media server to another in the event of a media server failure. I could literally power down a media server with hundreds of active calls and the callers would never know it had happened. I really like that feature. Second, if the agent and the caller are in the same country or area, we are able to keep their audio or voices in that country, and not transport it all the way back to the United States. This produces improved call quality with less latency or delay in the call. Finally, we had to have data centers in places that would expand our reach. We have expanded our operations to both the Pacific Rim and Europe.

Alas, technology is the easy part. Laws and regulations, now those can be tricky stuff, but once again, not a problem. Data security and customer privacy are critical issues for any contact center, and if you are operating internationally, across borders, you need to be certain you work with a partner that is prepared. Safe Harbor Privacy Policy governs personal information transferred from countries in the European Union to the United States. InContact follows those Safe Harbor principals.

If you thought that inContact was a U.S. only service provider, think again. We made inContact’s world a bigger place, so that your world can be a little bit smaller.