inContact Launches VaaS™ to Boost the Live Agent Advantage – Part 2

Part 2 of our two-part series on Voice as a Service. Please read Part 1 here

Delivering on our VaaS promise

Publishing performance quality metrics is critical to the delivery of Carrier-Grade connectivity.  It provides visibility into the quality of inContact’s voice transmission. To that end, we are pleased to announce that, as of December 2015, we have begun to make voice quality metrics available to our customers.

Every day, for every call, inContact is measuring the quality of voice transmissions when they enter our network and when they leave our network to ensure that what our customer’s agents and clients hear is the best inContact can make it.

inContact is now publishing the average daily voice quality measurements on the inContact Trust Site.  Every customer can log in and see what the average voice quality was for their calls and all inContact calls the previous day.  The measurements will be posted as Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) as an average of all calls received and all calls sent for each customer and for the inContact network as a whole.

VaaS pt 2

How will the voice quality be monitored and measured?

Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) have been used for decades to grade the quality of voice transmissions. The score is on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being equal to the voice quality experienced between two people talking with each other in a quiet room. To be considered acceptable, voice quality should be in the range of 3.0 or better  – good cell voice quality is typically rated in the 3.x range. Carrier grade voice quality is rated at 4.0 and above. Ratings higher than 4.6 are rare as this represents a near perfect range and one not currently achievable.

Originally, the scores were gathered using real people making and receiving scripted telephone calls and rating their opinion of what they heard based on certain criteria. Today, the ratings are achieved by calculating the degree of jitter and packet loss between one reception point and another to approximate the criteria used in the original scoring schema.

inContact is measuring MOS for every call that is processed through our network to ensure that we are delivering carrier grade voice quality to our customers.

The daily Business Unit (BU) MOS, published on our Trust Site, represents the average voice quality score of inbound and outbound calls for each BU as measured at the edge of the inContact network. The daily Network MOS represents the average voice quality score of all inbound and outbound calls made through the inContact network.

VaaS will continue to evolve and improve as the market demands innovation and transparency. We see high definition codecs coming to fruition as well as web-based calling in the near future. We also see expanding the metrics available to customers with Customer-Facing dashboards that provide agent- and call- specific quality measurements in near real time.  As voice technology and quality measurement tools change and mature, inContact is committed to delivering the best solutions to its customers through our VaaS offering.