inContact Shines During the Holidays for Customers Who Need to Adapt to Increased Demands

As we approach the time of year when most of America and American retail is looking forward to the holidays, I got to thinking about how our inContact customers are gearing up for the holiday season.  In some cases, they are looking forward to an increase in call volume that will require more agents.  In other cases, some businesses are looking to slim down because it may be considered a slow time.  In either case, our customers are benefiting from one of the greatest things that inContact has to offer...flexibility.


Most businesses that buy contact center solutions are buying for their peak load.  That means that they are buying the software licenses, hardware, capacity, and everything else necessary to run the call center when they are at their busiest.  The thing is, almost all call centers go through cycles where the demand on the call center changes.  So, as a result, they end up buying everything they need for their busy season, such as the holidays because it is too important a time to stretch your resources and risk poor customer experiences.  Then when the business cycles downward, say during the summer months, those licenses and capacity go unused, but still ahow up on the books.


For our inContact customers, they are looking forward to the holidays.  They know that they have the flexibility to scale the solution up or down depending on their needs without any long-term financial effects.  Plus, as they make those changes, they know that they aren't sacrificing the customer experience by trying to stretch a dollar or wasting money buying capacity they don't need.  


Are you seeing increased or decreased demand during this time of year?  How are you taking advantage of inContact's flexibility to accomodate the demand?  Please share your story with me. I love to hear about how we are helping our customers.