Inside NICE inContact - Meet Jennifer Scott

Meet Jennifer Scott, Implementation Manager for NICE inContact.

Jennifer came to NICE inContact from Denver, Colorado and has been in the contact center industry for 15 years. She is part of the Enterprise Implementation Service team. I was able

to sit down with her and ask her a few questions to find out why she enjoys her job and where she thinks the customer experience is headed in the next five years.

  • What is your favorite movie and why? My all-time favorite movie is The Pursuit of Happyness. This film is based on the memoir of Chris Gardner and displays the 1-
  • year journey of a homeless man who achieves personal and professional success through determination, perseverance, and sacrifice. It’s a tear-jerker, for sure, but incredibly motivational!
  • What are your areas of expertise? Given my educational and professional background, I specialize in procedural analysis and best-practice consulting to create operational efficiencies within the contact center environment.
  • How long have you been in the contact center industry? I have over 15 years of experience as a leader in a contact center environment, including operational leadership, data analytics, and system implementation and administration.
  • What is your favorite thing about your job? As an implementation manager at NICE inContact, I enjoy the opportunity to create positive customer experiences and optimizing their workflows, improving the working lives of our customers and their contact center employees.
  • If you could provide one piece of professional advice, what would it be? Innovate. Improve. In today’s ever-changing, technologically-advancing world, no person nor organization can afford to stand still. Always initiate change, looking for innovative advancements and continuous improvement.
  • What is hallmark to a good customer experience? Good customer service starts with listening. If we act without listening, we are aiming at a target in a dark room. Truly listening and gaining an understanding of your customer’s needs allows you tailor your approach to an answer or solution that ensures customer satisfaction, even when some requests cannot be fulfilled immediately.
  • What are you hearing from customers related to their business? Our customers are frequently mentioning the changes to their world, that is, the world of the contact center. Their patrons are expecting the fastest, easiest methods of resolving their customer service issues and, with technology at their fingertips, more and more often prefer the ability to locate answers without placing a phone call. When phones calls are needed, they expect minimal hold times and to reach agents that are prepared and skilled to solve their problem right away! These preferences, combined with evolving industry standards and regulations, present unique challenges to contact center environments. Customers are excited about moving to cloud-based environments, allowing for their systems to drive a technologically current, industry compliant, and innovate platform for their patrons and employees.
  • How do you see CX changing in the next five years? In the next 5 years, customer experience will continue to move in the direction of multi-channel interactions with an emphasis on speed of service without jeopardizing quality, which is why I see omnichannel functionality as such an important feature. As we become increasingly tech-savvy and ingrained in the digital world, the typical customer interaction can occur in different ways across many platforms, from chat and social media to texts and phone calls. The contact center will need to find ways to deliver service across these platforms as well as find agents with the skill set to handle all types of communication – simultaneously.