mojo monday 1

Introducing #MojoMonday

We know, we know—Monday is usually the last day of the week you’d associate with “mojo.” But, like many contact centers, we think Mondays get a bad rap. That’s why starting this week, every Monday will feature a way to build up your contact center’s mojo!

#MojoMondays will include things like:

  • Information about inContact MojoAwards
  • Customer Spotlights
  • Picture Contests
  • inContact Champion & Visionary Council
  • Customer Case Studies
  • Fun Prizes & Surprises!

Want to be a part of #MojoMondays? It’s easy! Shake off your weekend blues and make sure to check in with us on Facebook and Twitter every Monday to find out how you can raise the mojo in your contact center!

Check back later today for our first #MojoMonday post about the inContact Champion & Visionary Council.