Is Your Company’s Knowledgebase Scalable

Let's face it: it’s tempting to manage your company’s knowledge using the traditional method, the method in which a small team of “trusted” individuals do it all themselves.  But afterwards comes the realization that your knowledge articles are out of date, you’re missing known knowledge, knowledge is everywhere and you simply can’t keep up with changes quickly enough.  Your knowledgebase (KB) soon becomes unreliable and cannot be trusted as the one-stop shop to find the most current information.

What if I told you that there is help in the knowledge industry?  What if I suggested that there are companies successfully managing their KB by using a knowledge methodology that will allow you to align the entire organization and make your mission much easier?  That is, engaging the entire company is easier than your small team of “trusted” individuals.  Yes, I am suggesting we should “trust” everyone that works for our organization.

The only way to scale is to engage everybody.  Everyone should help define standards, processes and measures; everybody should review content with every use; and everybody should update and improve content.  We allow them to communicate with our customers, why wouldn’t we allow them to publish their information by sharing their knowledge in the KB?

Join us at our ICUC Knowledgebase session and we will share with you the knowledge methodology in which inContact has chosen to develop a more robust quality KB by engaging the entire company, as well as our partners and customers.