IT Support For Cloud Solutions

It’s interesting to see how IT personnel react to Cloud solutions like inContact. Some folks embrace it with open arms and others sit on the sideline with arms folded, considering how they can foil the business' attempt to migrate to the “Cloud”. Of course there are a lot of people in between.

Recently I was at a new customer site for an 8am cut over to inContact.  At 7:30am I walked into the center and was greeted by a young guy who said “Hi, I’m from IT and am here to support you today.” I think the inContact logo on my shirt gave me away, but I wonder if the look of total and complete surprise and excitement on my face, might have thrown him off.  He said he’d be stationed in the conference room across the hall and that I should let him know if we need his help. WOW! Of course, I took the opportunity to educate him on our agent interface that the reps would be using, and our soft phone. He was intrigued, and while we never needed him, we sure were excited to have his support. 

I’ll add that his boss proactively set this up for us, and IT had fully supported the effort up to "go-live".  We were popping screens and records from two different databases, and had installed and tested all of the soft phones, opened ports, added internet bandwidth for the VoIP phones, and worked with the existing vendor to point phone numbers to inContact, etc.  So, YES, there is some IT support required for a wildly successful Cloud solution.  A huge THANK YOU to my newest customer and their super awesome IT leadership and staff!