Joint Solutions - RiverStar & inContact Deliver Value to BPOs

Today’s business process outsourcing (BPO) providers face a number of challenges in the market. They need to serve multiple customers with unique needs. They need to be very responsive to meet short windows to launch client campaigns. Finally, clients are increasingly requesting multi-channel support for voice, chat, email, and social media handling.

A platform solution to help BPOs meet these needs requires a number of different components. It requires a true multi-channel contact center communications platform with real agent blending capabilities across inbound, outbound, chat, email and social media. The requirements for this platform include:

  • A unified agent desktop that enables agents to handle a variety of clients from within a single standard environment.
  • A workflow/scripting engine that is easy to use and lets the BPO quickly turn up campaigns for their clients.
  • An ability to support PCI and HIPPA requirements across campaigns and clients.
  • The ability to provide actionable management reports and supervisory dashboards.
  • Support for campaign specific FAQs and reference information that are easily managed by the BPO or its clients.
  • An ability to proactively manage talk, wrap and idle time.

These capabilities helped TLC & Associates select the tightly integrated solution provided by inContact and RiverStar to deliver an integrated multichannel platform.

By leveraging inContact and RiverStar solutions, TLCA is able to launch programs quickly, using only internal resources. Agents learn the easy to read interface in less time, reducing both training and program start-up times. Additionally, agents are able to graphically follow along with the progress of their call within the anticipated workflow. This helps remind them to perform certain components of the call, including upsell efforts and sales closures, for example.

According to Brian Theusch, Senior Director IT at TLCA, “Without inContact and RiverStar, we would have not been able to exceed our client’s goals. Even when our teams were calling on a lead list that is predicted to perform lower than others, our teams were still maximizing each opportunity and exceeding client conversion goals. As a result of a successful campaign start up and the first month of operations, a client project, originally commissioned to be a short–term test, is now a permanent contract.”

To find out more about how inContact utilizes cloud technology to help companies like TLC & Associates exceed their goals, and how the cloud can do the same for your organization, visit our Solutions Finder page.

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