Keeping It Simple with Your Voice of the Customer Program

In the past year, I’ve been fortunate to learn from our most successful customers about the practices and programs that they put in place in order to deliver phenomenal customer service. A key cornerstone of delivering extraordinary customer service is often having a Voice of the Customer, or VoC, program in place.

In this 2-part blog series, we’ll take tips from our customers and learn from their experience in implementing a successful VoC program.   In today’s post, let’s talk about “Keeping it Simple.”

VoC data can provide amazing insights into the functionality of the overall organization as well as the contact center, which makes it very tempting to add more and more questions once you get an idea of the feedback VoC can provide. Not surprisingly, adding more questions to a survey lowers completion rates and gives the organization a statistically irrelevant base to analyze. Instead, take note from two of our customers, Piedmont Natural Gas & TDS Telecom.

Piedmont’s VoC program asks just 6 questions:

  • Was this your first call about this issue?
  • Did we resolve the issue for you today?
  • Please rate the courtesy of your agent.
  • Please rate the professionalism of agent.
  • Please rate your overall satisfaction.
  • How well did we communicate the resolution?

TDS Telecom’s program asks just 5:

  • Please rate the advisor’s professionalism
  • Please rate the advisor’s knowledge
  • Please rate your overall contact with TDS
  • How likely are you to recommend TDS to your friends or family?
  • Why/Why not

For anyone who has ever opted into a survey and then found themselves 15 questions in and wondering when the survey might actually end, taking the simple approach is refreshing. I often stay at a hotel near our office and after every fourth visit  I am sent a 40-question survey about my stay.  40 questions? Even if I’m enthusiastic or incensed, there is no way I’m taking the time to register my feelings in 40 questions.

Of course if creating VoC program was easy, everyone would have one. But, research shows that less than 60% of organizations have a VoC program in place. If you want to learn how you can implement a Voice of the Customer program AND keep it simple, register for our upcoming webinar, Leveraging the Voice of the Customer to Create Amazing Customer Experiences.” You’ll get to hear directly from Piedmont Natural Gas and TDS Telecom and learn how they’ve made their VoC programs so successful.