Keeping up with Call Center Information and Technology

Just a few words on information resources.  There is so much happening out there.  Some of my favorite resources are:

Donna Fluss – DMG Consulting – These guys are the place to go for insight in to the issues, trends and technologies being deployed in the call center market.

InformationWeek is great place to go for IT technology news.

Wikipedia,  I use this all the time. – our community blogs and forums can be a valuable tool for inContact users.

Point being, that when working in the call center space, you need to spend some time reading and watching what is happening in the information and IT industries.  No doubt there are a dozen or a hundred other great information sources out there.  These are a few that I use.

Knowledge and information sharing are, of course, one of the primary purposes for the inContact community blogs and forums.  I have read some great items in the forums and encourage you to continue to share your knowledge with me and others.