You have probably heard this acronym before:  “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”  Simplicity has been a key tenant in the product design world for a long time.  Strike the right balance of features and simplicity of use and your product will soar.  As a Product Manager, I try to live this in everything I do, but the concept is not only applicable in product design, but can be widely applied to things such as life, customer service, and yes, the call center!

 What is the main reason people dread having to reach out into a call center even when they need something important?  Because it is a hassle!  From confusing IVRs  to long hold times to untrained agents and so on, customers most often equate the call center experience to a multi-tooth extraction.  In the evolution of the Voice of the Customer, this is the premise behind the advent of such new methodologies as the Customer Effort Index.  To buck the stereotype and truly differentiate the level of service you provide, you should consider a simplistic approach to your customer service experience instead of over-thinking and making it overly complex. 

An interesting read on the subject is the book “The Laws of Simplicity” by John Maeda.  It is insightful and exactly 100 pages; simplicity in its truest form!