Know where You Stand and Take Steps to Improve

How does your contact stack up next to industry peers and what steps do you need to take to improve? Our new benchmark assessment tool uses best practice data from hundreds of surveys conducted by the Aberdeen Group. After you define your job function, you’re taken to a customized assessment that asks about your primary goal and your call center’s performance over the last 12 months. By comparing your answers to industry benchmarks established by the Aberdeen Group, you automatically receive an overall score that rates your company as ‘best in class,’ ‘industry average,’ or ‘laggard.’ Along with your overall rating, you receive a series of personalized recommendations that will help you take strategic steps toward meeting your goals.

For example, if you are a contact center manager and your priority is to improve agency productivity and utilization, but your agent retention is low, the assessment results might recommend implementing a method of performance tracking alongside providing performance-related rewards. The results will include recommended reading like a whitepaper about the effects of cloud-based recording and quality evaluation.

If you’re an IT manager and you’re aiming to reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure, the results of the assessment provide relevant solutions like mapping your data capture, analysis and sharing processes – and using the results to identify areas where you can streamline your data management programs. The results will also include links to additional resources like a handpicked analyst report that explains how you can align the goals of IT with the strategies of upper management.

Maybe you’re already an industry leader. The assessment will help you fine-tune your business practices. Does everyone in your company share the same views? We recommend that you have several stakeholders in your company take the survey. Then you can get together, compare results and decide as a team how to work together better.

Maybe you know your contact center needs to improve, but you’re not sure where to start. The assessment will help you identify areas to focus on and provide useful recommendations. Whatever your needs, our benchmark assessment tool offers solutions tailored specifically for you.