LanguageLine Empowers Relationships with NICE Voice-as-a-Service

LanguageLine is the world’s largest provider of language access solutions and interpretation services. By switching from a premises-based solution to NICE, they experienced drastic improvements in their contact center operations.

LanguageLine’s goal is to help non-English speakers find and understand medical care, finances and a variety of other services. Their premises-based system wasn’t delivering the flexibility and scalability they needed for their global contact center which operates 24/7 and supports over 240 languages.

“When we moved to NICE, it was as if the world changed. It was as if someone turned the lights on in a dark room.” Scott W. Klein | President & CEO, LanguageLine

Improving Quality with Voice-as-a-Service

LanguageLine’s mission is ‘to enable communication and empower relationships.’ With NICE, they can now monitor and score quality for every single phone call. This means, their service is reliable and consistent for all customers and agents around the globe.

“We don’t have to worry about the hardware aspects anymore and we can just focus on writing new software and services for our clients.” James Boutcher | Dir. Software Engineering, LanguageLine

They can also focus on the future.

“NICE enabled us to build a platform that gives us the capability to meet the future requirements of our clients that they don’t even know they need yet.” Simon Yoxon-Grant | VP of Sales, LanguageLine

Positive Business Outcomes

“I was always confident that the team at NICE would do whatever it took to help us get where we wanted to be.” Scott W. Klein | President & CEO, LanguageLine

  • Reduced overall costs by moving from an on-premises platform to a cloud solution
  • 30% faster speed-to-answer
  • 50% faster connect times for medical environments
  • Enabled video with calls
  • Created a better experience for agents and customers
  • Ability to develop a complete language solution for their clients

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