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Leading the Way in Contact Center Intelligence

If ignorance were really bliss no one would be talking about big data or business intelligence like it’s the best thing since the light bulb was invented. The reality is that all people and businesses alike crave intelligence at every opportunity. From smarter phones and cars to more automation and computers with the ability to make decisions, the demand for intelligence is all around us. NICEs WFI (Workforce Intelligence) solution is already ahead of the times and the upcoming releases will continue to set the pace for others to attempt to follow. What is an Intelligent Contact Center? In order to be considered an intelligent operation your people and your technology need to seamlessly work together in real time decision making and when evaluating data. The NICE WFI solution includes many features that will propel your option onward and upward.  Some recent additions to the arsenal include:

Cross Platform Communication

In any given contact center, of any size, you will find a multitude of solutions to manage forecasting, scheduling, IVR, ACD, call recording, quality management, performance management, etc. In many cases these systems are disjointed and rarely communicate with each other. So it would seem that in order to take the first step toward creating an intelligent contact center you need all systems talking to each other automatically.

Single Multi-Channel Interface

It’s incredibly common for a contact center to use different solutions to manage and work phone contacts, chat, email and social media. This situation begs the questions of why? Requiring our front line team members to jump from interface to interface isn’t making their world easier. In many cases we, as contact center leaders, end up breaking up the team into people that manage calls, people that manage chat/email and people that manage social media. The need for a single interface to work all channels allows us to continue to create a truly universal agent while simultaneously simplifying the job of our front line teams.

Truly Automated Routing Intelligence

If we look one step further, how can your contact center be smart enough to make real-time adjustments based on predefined targets? Imagine a software that could automatically make routing and skill adjustments instantly to ensure your workforce is fully optimized at all times. Removing the need to make these real-time adjustments manually has several positive implications for the efficiency of your operation and removes any guess work that can sometimes occur. Intelligent vs Common

Choosing to build a more sophisticated an intelligent contact center isn’t a dream of the future, it’s a real option today and there are only a few barriers between you and an evolved operation. Some of the core objectives of a contact center, since their inception, have included the need to become more efficient both in cost and labor while simultaneously improving the customer experience. An intelligent contact center is a crucial step in making significant progress and begins to open up opportunities for your staff to focus more time on coaching and driving results through their teams. By Partnering with NICE you gain the opportunity to propel your operation ahead of the field in CSAT and operating costs while allowing for more effective agent interactions (with cross platform communication and single communication interface) and improve utilization and routing management.