Let's Get Ready to Code! Announcing the Annual Coder Royale Contest

It’s three weeks until ICUC and I’m looking forward to one of my favorite events: The Coder Royale.

Each year we award a cash prize to the developer with the best solution to the challenge we lay down. Every year we are thrilled with the inventiveness and creativity applied to the power of the inContact platform.

We’d love for you to submit an entry!

Here’s a quick overview of the competition... 

This year’s challenge is around code reusability and our new inCloud API. For the purposes of this competition, we’re defining code reusability as any code written that utilizes inContact and can be used by multiple customers. The reusable code can be facilitated by changing parameters related to activating the customer and deploying inContact scripts to the customer’s business unit.

The other requirement for the Royale is use of our spanking new inCloud API, currently in Beta testing. The new web services can be found here and allows you to control many aspects of the inContact platform including Agent data objects, run reports, and launch Studio scripts.

If you’d like to enter, contact me for a contestant number.  I will assign you a contestant number and give you access to a no-charge inContact business unit to build and test your code.

You may enter at any time but all submissions must be turned in by 11:59pm Mountain time, September 8th.

So jump in. The water’s fine. Have fun coding, harness the power of our new inCloud API, allow multiple people to benefit from your creativity, and win some money.

See you at ICUC in a few weeks!