Make Your Customer Experience Fly

Skydive GuyIt's common knowledge that gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage today requires a top-notch customer experience. The breadth of the customer experience across all touch-points can make this seem like a daunting task. As a result, many business leaders feel overwhelmed by the prospect of reengineering the customer experience and do nothing—or focus on one siloed element of the customer experience, missing the opportunity to deliver real impact.

We are bringing together three amazing industry thought leaders to discuss what decision makers should do to begin building a unique, relevant customer experience in a webinar on Nov. 30, including:

  • Martha Rogers, Founding Partner, Peppers & Rogers Group
  • Sarah McElwee, Vice President of Response Services, DATACORE Marketing
  • Mariann McDonagh, Chief Marketing Officer, inContact

Our presenters will discuss how to:

  • Resonate with customers: Every customer experience begins by understanding what's important to individual customers.
  • Synchronize touch-points: Inbound and outbound channels must work in sync to create a consistent, unified customer experience.
  • Measure customer experience impact: Determine which metrics will provide insight into how well an organization's multichannel strategy positively impacts the customer experience and business performance.
  • Listen to customers, then act: Customer feedback is just the start. Companies must collect voice of the customer data naturally, from such channels such as social media and contact center recordings. Then they must be able to turn those insights into actionable strategy that can be implemented throughout the organization.

Register now for the complimentary webinar, in which you'll also learn the 10 building blocks every company needs to create an outstanding multichannel customer experience.