Making the World a Smaller Place

Today inContact has customers and agents using inContact in many countries around the world.  When you are servicing customers and phone calls that span the globe you have to solve a variety of problems:

 Physics.  I had a boss one time who used to say ‘It’s Gravity’.  As we all know gravity is a force or factor that you cannot talk or design your way out of.  You have to work with it and design for it.  There are certain laws of physics that come into play when you begin spanning thousands of miles of ocean and introduce all of the network components, routers, muxes,  switches, etc. in between.   Methods have to be developed to minimize the impact distance creates on phone calls.

  1. Somewhere in the world the sun is always shining.  When you span the globe, every hour of every day is someone’s busy hour and they likely speak a different language.  This creates new support dynamics.
  2. Someone coined the phrase that the only two certainties are ‘Death and Taxes’.  When you begin crossing borders, you can bet that there is some government entity that will want their share of the action.
  3. After making the phone calls work, billing is probably the next most important item for our customers and billing in a global market requires new methods.

 At inContact we have been chipping away at these problems.  In 2010, we will continue our efforts to expand our capacity to operate globally. 

  • We are developing technology that will make the world a smaller place. 
  • Our support systems are being redesigned to support and empower a wider range of customers.
  • Our billing systems continue to be modified and upgraded to support our expanding range of products and services.

 We recognize that the world does not sit still for anyone and that our world continues to shrink, requiring businesses everywhere to be able to take advantage of opportunities, not just within their country’s borders, but around the world.  inContact is working hard to improve your ability to be successful in the new global economy.