Millennials Want What All Consumers Want – A Good Customer Experience

The fastest-growing consumer demographic, millennials, will probably continue to shake things up for the contact center industry. This tech-forward generation seems to know how to keep companies on their toes. However, what may come as a surprise is that while they may prefer more convenient and technical channels for customer service, like mobile and chat, they tend to do what everyone else does – use the phone in search of their good customer experience.

The inContact study conducted earlier in 2017 found quite a few interesting facts pertaining to the millennial customer experience, I’ve detailed a few below.

  1. Millennials actively engage in customer service – where this may not be shocking, the manner they do it may be – agent-assisted. 90% of the millennial respondents used an agent-assisted method in their most recent interaction. This is the HIGHEST of the age demographics – 67% of total respondents preferred agent-assisted interactions.
  2. If the overall sentiment of customers is “not happy with experiences," millennials are even more so – 67% are not satisfied with their most recent service interaction.
  3. Channel preferences for millennials is also a little surprising. Even though most used inbound/outbound voice for their most recent interaction, 26%, there is no clear channel winner. But if we look at other studies, they all suggest millennials want ease of use and 36% of this generation start their customer service situations on a mobile device. So what makes the millennial turn to the phone? Is it that they are unclear the best method of resolution? Or are they conflicted – they want ease of use, but also fast resolution?

So what does a call center do with this conflicting information? It seems pretty clear that while millennials usually start with convenience, they ultimately want what all consumers want – fast resolution in the best and most friendly way possible.

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