Mitchell Improves Customer Satisfaction with inContact Agent for Salesforce®

For over 70 years, Mitchell has been helping insurance companies and car repair shops in North America figure the cost of getting a vehicle and person from wreck to recovery. The company develops solutions to simplify and automate complex claims processes and help customers evaluate and settle claims accurately and efficiently. Mitchell empowers their clients to improve business performance and customer outcomes by providing them with smart technology solutions, deep industry expertise and connecting them to the broadest range of solutions, networks and partners.

Mitchell has utilized inContact’s cloud solutions for over six years helping them achieve their goal to create seamless customer experiences. By having an integration between inContact and Salesforce, their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Mitchell’s service teams know the customer immediately. They have created personalized routing based on CRM data, resulting in a 10% increase in their Customer Satisfaction Score. For their sales teams, Mitchell is able to make more outbound calls with the click-to-dial feature. Speed, efficiency and ease of use are the top benefits Mitchell experiences with inContact Agent for Salesforce®.

“The console makes it really easy for the agent to be able to leverage all of the information in our CRM seamlessly.” - Pauline Mulvey, VP Enterprise Business Technology, Mitchell