Modernize your Contact Center with Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

In my last post, I talked about how a contact center specific solution would not only give your contact center purpose-built features, but also explained how a contact center specific solution can help reduce the cost and scope of your upgrade.

The next question in our decision framework is: “Is owning and managing technology the best use of our resources?”

The reason why this question is so important is because it gets to the heart of how you acquire and use the technology.

Computing technology is notoriously famous becoming rapidly obsolete. In addition, computing technology purchased and installed on-site requires additional cost and manpower to maintain. Contact center technology is no different.

However, recent technology advances allow organizations to now receive and benefit from technology solutions without the need to purchase and maintain the supporting infrastructure of servers and applications. These kinds of solutions are sold “as a service” and are invoiced based on metered usage.

For many organizations, a contact center as a service (CCaaS) makes a lot of sense because it can

  • Eliminate large upfront capital investment costs
  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance and replacement costs because the service provider assumes this obligation

The net benefit is improved cashflow, better use of IT internal resources, and the ability to match costs to seasonal or fluctuating use.

If these benefits appeal to your organization, then look for vendors who provide a CCaaS offering.

Incidentally, this is a now good time to talk about how to find the best vendors. Even though you may have narrowed your search to CCaaS vendors, the question now becomes which vendors should I consider? Fortunately, there is a time-saving shortcut.

Industry analysts have begun to rank contact center technology vendors according to technology, experience, stability, market share and more. (You can visit this convenient resource page to see how analysts rate these vendors.)

In our next and final post, I will examine the final question: “What does success look like and how do I quantify it? If you want more information on this post or to move ahead, please download this paper.