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#MojoMonday - 2014 inContact Champion & Visionary Council (iCVC)

As a contact center professional, your day-to-day revolves around the customer experience. Here at inContact, we are determined to provide you exceptional customer experiences as well. In order to help that cause, the inContact Champion & Visionary Council (iCVC) was born. The iCVC helps reinforce satisfaction as a service in these 3 ways:

  1. It creates a formal structure for team input. iCVC brings together some of the best and brightest customers to give our leadership insight on solutions we could not get otherwise.
  2. It provides our customers a comprehensive view of inContact products. The select committee is focused around identifying product needs, product functionality, industry trending, key business requirements and best practices.
  3. It helps bring engagement and improvements to you, our customers as a whole. Every customer has a say in their experience and inContact has a responsibility to maintain and improve it. By meeting regularly with the committee we can begin to implement new ideas and suggestions so our entire customer base reaps the benefits.

The iCVC internal board is made up of individuals in marketing, customer success as well as our VP of Workforce Optimization Solutions Group, Kristyn Emenecker. Once a nominated customer accepts the invitation to be an iCVC member, they will attend meetings at inContact’s headquarters as well as participate in other scheduled collaborations.

Some thoughts about last year’s successes were shared with us by our 2013 iCVC President, Richard Riga with Answer X. “Being able to interact with the movers and shakers at inContact through iCVC helped us shape a better understanding of the API and programming interfaces available to us to really leverage the ability to integrate our in-house CRM with the inContact ecosystem,” said Richard.  “That helped to give perspective on where the focus and emphasis of the evolution of inContact would be placed.”

According to Richard, the most rewarding part of iCVC was, “Interacting with other members of the contact center community in the hopes of being able to help shape the inContact products and solutions.” One of the goals Richard has planned for this upcoming year is to build a greater sense of community amongst the customers.

Do you have ideas or input for the inContact Champion and Visionary Council? Feel free to email the internal board at ICVC@incontact.com