Moneygram Customers and Its Bottom Line Benefit from Consolidating Contact Centers

Doug Klees, Head of Customer Care for Moneygram, recently discussed his team’s journey to transform and modernize their customer service operations at the ICMI Contact Center Demo event at the Red Rocks Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights from Doug’s talk, describing how Moneygram successfully consolidated and upgraded its contact center to one intelligent, cloud native platform.

Moneygram is the world’s second largest money transfer company, with over 350,000 branch offices in over 200 countries and territories. Doug’s team was taking over 13 million calls per year and providing service in over 50 languages, but were not speaking with one voice — literally.

Before moving its contact center to the cloud, Moneygram had 30 distinct IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications, with different voices, music, menu options, and routing.

Scale these challenges across 1,300 customer service agents in 10 countries that are a a mix of internal and outsourced operations, and it was hard for Moneygram to achieve its customer experience goals and contact center efficiency KPIs.

When Moneygram went to RFP for new cloud contact center software, industry analyst reports from firms such as Gartner and Forrester, were some of the main resources its team used to create a short list of cloud call center technology vendors.

Important selection criteria included:

  • A trusted partner with global customer success teams to ensure they achieve their business goals
  • High reliability, with guaranteed 99.99% uptime and global voice quality (MOS)
  • Secure operations and compliance certifications: PCI DSS Level 1 compliance was a must, along with strong cyber security operations and credentials like FedRAMP
  • Unified, all-in-one, cloud native contact center platform including omnichannel routing (ACD, IVR), workforce optimization (customer survey, agent scheduling, quality management, performance management), analytics, and open APIs to easily add future AI chatbots and other innovations
  • Deep integration with Salesforce

Within three months Moneygram had its first agents taking calls on NICE inContact CXone. The team took a phased approach to turn-up the remaining agents and global locations in five waves — all on time and on budget!

Doug summarized the business outcomes achieved so far:

  • Faster and more consistent service for customers with one consolidated and intelligent skills-based routing (ACD) flow and consolidation from 30 IVR applications down to three
  • More productive agents that now have a common agent user interface, embedded in Salesforce, that gets new agents onboard and productive faster and provides gamification to encourage friendly competition among experienced agents
  • High reliability and transparency from NICE inContact’s global voice network and active-active high availability cloud infrastructure
  • Better agent coaching and feedback through a single call recording and quality management system for all internal and outsourced agents
  • Greater accuracy and efficiency in managing outsourcing partners by having consolidated reporting and all resources on a single platform

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