MoneyGram International Raises the Bar on Money Transfers with NICE inContact CXone

Think about it: Sixteen hundred contact center representatives (over 75% outsourced) in 11 different locations across the globe handle 13 million calls annually! And in the midst of all this, agent productivity has improved, average call handle time has been reduced by 30% and call transfers have been reduced by 5%.

This is MoneyGram International since it unified all 11 contact centers with a single solution, NICE inContact’s CXone integrated CX cloud platform.

But it wasn’t always so.  Before CXone, MoneyGram’s old on-premises system was plagued with frequent downtime and lack of integration with other systems. Both were negatively impacting its service capabilities. Meanwhile, tens of millions of consumers worldwide depend on MoneyGram’s money transfer services—and expect those transfers to be fast, reliable and affordable.  MoneyGram’s services are provided in 350,000 locations across 200 countries and territorities and in 30 different languages.

MoneyGram is taking advantage of CXone’s many applications, from CXone Interactive Voice Response to CXone Agent for Salesforce to InView Performance Management for CXone and Engage Quality Management—with nearly limitless benefits to the company and its customers.  System integration and simplification has been one of the biggest, consolidating four quality management systems and reducing IVR applications from 30 to three.  Then there’s system stability and reliability—MoneyGram no longer worries about downtime and business interruption.

With CXone, MoneyGram has one common application across all its locations worldwide. Customer service and agent performance have both improved. Because the CXone interface is so user-friendly, contact center representative’ productivity and efficiency have also increased. And even with all the additional functionality it’s gained, MoneyGram’s overall costs have been reduced.

Find out how moving to CXone—and MoneyGram’s partnership with NICE inContact—continue to give the company the control and results it was looking for.