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NeoNova: ‘CXone Cloud Contact Center Platform Has Been a True Game Changer for Our Business’

Today, NeoNova’s 180-or-so agents working in three contact center and remote locations provide support and technical help—upwards of 75,000 phone, email and chat interactions annually— for rural customers of its regional internet service provider clients.  

But for years, the company had been using an outdated, on-premises contact center system that had severe limitations—it could handle only calls and had little visibility, which impacted schedulng, forecasting and productivity.  It was past time for change, according to Jeff Kennon, Director of Customer Experience for NeoNova Network Services.  CXone Cloud Contact Center Platform provided that change.

After choosing NICE CXone from over 300 software vendors, the move to the CXone cloud contact center platform provided the flexibility and stability NeoNova needed—and much more besides. It has had a positive impact across contact center operations, on everything from efficiency and productivity to visibility, building client relationships and even revenue.

By implementing a number of CXone solutions, NeoNova now has a true omnichannel environment, giving customers a choice of phone, email and chat channels.  Agent engagement has improved, too, and tools like inViewTM Performance Management for CXone have empowered them to provide better quality CX.  Metrics, including call handle time and speed to answer, have improved, as has customer satisfaction.  And what used to be a long and frustrating process—scheduling and forecasting, done before CXone with Excel spreadsheets—is now often completed in half the time it was before. 

Relationships have benefitted, too: Client companies appreciate the transparency that CXone affords NeoNova. In fact, with individual dashboards NeoNova has created for them, clients have direct visibility into their metrics at all times and can also subscribe to regular reports. This kind of visibility and transparency are also huge selling points for NeoNova, which has had a positive impact on the company’s revenue.

But one of the most dramatic—and important—improvements NeoNova has experienced with CXone is the confidence of having reliable and consistent disaster recovery in place.  Because agents need only a browser and internet connection to work remotely, if disaster strikes, agents can work from home, or NeoNova can re-establish its contact center operation in an entirely different location.  

All told, NeoNova’s continuing success and growth continue to be built on the relationships it’s developed—with clients, customers and its own agents.  The NICE relationship has also been  pivotal: “We’re big on relationship,” Jeff says. “I just pick up the phone and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got a problem. Can you help me?’ and NICE always comes through.”

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