Network Monitoring Made Easy

The data network is the heart and engine of today’s call centers.  If the data network is down or impaired, it will probably be felt at every level of your centers performance.  This fact means that it is vital that the IT staff have as much visibility to the health of all the components that make up that network as possible.  I would like to recommend that all of our customers look in to the family of products offered by Solarwinds.  One such product is the Orion Network Performance Monitor by Solarwinds.   Here at inContact we use this product to monitor and record the performance of all routers, switches, and computers within our production network.  It provides metrics on CPU, Disk Usage, Memory, bandwidth utilization and interface errors as well as dropped packets.  I find that it is easy to use and is intuitive in its presentation of the data.  Depending on the size of the network being monitored, you will need one or two servers to house the database and perform the polling.  Once this is done, you will have visibility to historical and near real time performance information, including email alerts and the ability to generate regular reports on critical network elements.   One of the huge benefits of this system, is that it allows a less technical set of staff to have visibility to problems at nearly every level of your network, from your Internet data connections down to performance issues on desktops and critical servers.  This reduces cost and improves the speed and accuracy of issue identification and trouble resolution.

Your network is your business.  This is a great way to improve its operation and management.