New Era of Complete Digital Experiences to Expedite the Enterprise Transition to Smart Digital Conversations

Consumers today expect to interact with companies via a variety of digital channels. In fact, 91% of consumers want seamless omnichannel across messaging and real-time voice and chat.

Unfortunately, a digital divide exists today. While consumers have embraced messaging and a digital first world, companies have failed to deliver.

As consumers, we’re very comfortable messaging with friends and families from our always accessible phones. Yet when it comes to interacting with companies, what comes natural in our personal lives becomes nearly impossible in our consumer lives.

At best, you can interact with companies via email (if you’re a parent like me, you know your kids never email) or chat from their websites. Chat tries to be messaging but lacks the history of past sessions that we’ve come to expect in our messaging.

The result is a massive digital divide between consumer expectations and brand capabilities.

We are ushering in a new era of smart digital conversations by eliminating the traditional barriers and then providing exceptional digital-first omnichannel experiences with innovations across the NICE CXone platform, supported by the acquisition of Brand Embassy:

  • Digital service in context, eliminating “digital agent” siloes — by introducing a new “push/pull” paradigm of naturally handling both real-time (e.g. voice/chat) and digital messaging interactions in one intelligent inbox. For the first time, CXone enables every agent to effectively handle any channel of communication. Also, a customer card for each interaction offers full customer context, journey history, and sentiment to easily keep agents focused on each new customer. This eliminates the need for ad-hoc specialized teams for each subset of channels as organizations have done to date — which is extremely expensive and not scalable, and prevents a true omnichannel experience of seamlessly shifting between channels.
  • Complete digital service management across contact center operations — through end-to-end enhancements for digital-first omnichannel management, such as routing, forecasting/scheduling, quality management, interaction analytics, and more.
  • The most efficient digital experience suite — by fully integrating the 30+ digital messaging channels from Brand Embassy with traditional voice/chat channels and removing costly implementation and integration challenges of traditional, fragmented approaches.

Brands have not delivered on a digital first omnichannel experience because traditional technology, agent tools, and contact center processes and organizations have been obstacles to the CX consumers crave.

Leaders will adopt and excel at digital first customer engagement strategies — and NICE CXone will lead in enabling companies to meet this need.

This is digital done right. This is omnichannel done right.

Read the press release, and click here to learn more about CXone and its omnichannel customer experience.