New Omnichannel Customer Experience Research – How Well Are You Doing

New inContact customer experience research, published today, reveals gap between business and consumer perceptions. In April, we released how consumers felt about their customer experience journey, now we are looking at the other side of the equation – how effective businesses think their customer service operations are.

The new research, the second wave of the NICE inContact Customer Experience Transformation Benchmark Study, analyzes how customer service organizations think they are delivering in both agent-assisted and self-service channels including interactions with contact center agents via phone, email, chat, social media, and text as well as through web self-service, mobile applications, and interactive voice response (IVR). The research demonstrates a significant disconnect in how businesses perceive their customer service channels are performing, and how consumers actually feel about the level of service they are receiving.

The gap in agent-assisted channels is 18 points between what businesses and consumers report with businesses rating overall success of 63 percent for inbound/outbound calls, online chat/video, SMS Text, and social media. Whereas consumers give those same channels only 45 percent success rating—a gap of 18 points. The biggest difference is with inbound/outbound voice calls at 28 points.

For self-service channels businesses report an overall success rate of 52 percent for customer satisfaction, yet consumers give only 39 percent success rating—a gap of 13 points. Self-service channels included website, mobile app, automated phone menu, and virtual assistants (i.e. chatbots). For these channels, the biggest difference is with automated phone menu or interactive voice response (IVR) with a gap of 27 points.

Businesses need to pay close attention to consumer preferences specific to each channel from the contact center to web self-service.

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