2015 Resolutions

New Year New Contact Center! -- Tactics to achieve your 2015 goals

Contact Center: The start of a new year brings resolutions and ideas for change. This may be a good time to take a look at your quality monitoring form to identify potential revisions that will bring positive outcomes for your contact center and agents.

Making changes to your form will allow you to implement new processes and expectations that will enable you to achieve the goals you have set for the year. One way to successfully do this is to ensure that the goals set for your organization are represented as elements in your scorecard. This will certify that you are sending a clear message for what you want to achieve and will empower your employees to excel.

Here are several ideas for what you should review as part of this process:

  • Is your current scorecard measuring the right behaviors to reach your goals? Are there elements that speak directly to your previous year’s goals or are they outdated? If so, remove irrelevant past goals to ensure that your evaluation form is concise and unencumbered.
  • Have you reviewed your process for calibration and how you expect to achieve alignment of scoring? One of the easiest ways to help align your behavioral scoring is to create clear definitions of each behavior and definitive definitions of each scoring element. What’s required for an excellent score as opposed to a good or poor? Clear definitions will ensure consistent scoring and increase your agents’ understanding of what behavioral changes will improve their scores.
  • Look for other ways to bring attention to the behavior you are looking to drive in your team. You can’t expect your quality program to achieve all of this alone. Make sure that new agents are hearing about your goals in new hire training and post signs and messages throughout your center to keep these items top of mind. You can also incorporate these goals into any incentive you are offering so that everything is delivering one clear message of your expectations. For more suggestions on how Gamification can drive positive behavior, read our Engage Your Agents with Games blog post from November, 2014.

These are just a few things to think about when you’re working to create a change in behavior. For more suggestions and ideas, join inContact at The Future Contact Center Summit in ChampionsGate, FL on January 29-30th. I (@JLW8_) will be co-facilitating the “QM Driven Coaching: Driving Behavior to Achieve the Outcome you are Seeking” session with Lisa Bullen-Austin (@lbullenaustin) from United Way Worldwide (@UnitedWay) on Thursday, January 29th at 2pm ET where we will provide much more detail on ways to create the position change you are seeking. Also, please visit the @inContact booth #204 to learn more about the world-class solutions we offer to ensure that your contact center can meet your current needs and grow with you as your business expands and changes in the future.