NICE CXone Agent for Salesforce - Contact Center & CRM Together

Great customer experience first starts with a great agent experience. Call center managers have long struggled with trying to give their agents enough information on their screens without overwhelming them.

With NICE CXone Agent for Salesforce, your agents can see both relevant contact center information as well as Salesforce customer data on the same screen!

This plugin gives you and your agents:

  • Native Salesforce case routing
  • Built-in integration for both Salesforce Sales Cloud & Service Cloud
  • Multichannel routing for inbound, outbound voice and chat interactions
  • Default ANI screen pop behavior
  • Click to Dial functionality
  • Integration with our no-pause Personal Connection™ Dialer

Some of the more notable features include:

1) NICE CXone and Salesforce data on one screen. You can route any NICE CXone data to any Salesforce object and field.

incontact agent for salesforce 1

2) Click-to-dial any phone numbers. This allows your agents to easily switch between inbound and outbound customer service.

incontact agent for salesforce 2

3) See your queue right in Salesforce. This eliminates the need for your agents to have multiple screens open, or to have to toggle between multiple programs:

incontact agent for salesforce 3

The NICE CXone Agent for Salesforce allows you to integrate all of your business processes in Salesforce which simplifies the agent experience and enhances the customer experience.

Learn more about the NICE CXone Agent for Salesforce today!