No Boundaries for inContact

inContact is pleased to see their product offering playing a hand in the support provided to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Relief effort.  As impromptu as the earthquake was, inContact’s customer, InService America (ISA), was quickly presented with the urgent need to allocate 65 additional agents to staff lines dedicated to raise money for the Earthquake victims. This unplanned business need would have made Taylor Halsey, ISA’s Network Administrator / Telephony Manager sweat if he didn’t have inContact.   In a matter of minutes, Taylor simply added additional inContact users over the internet, marking his first step in an ad hoc disaster recovery methodology that a premise-based solution could not offer.  inContact offers ISA the ability to staff lines remotely and onsite, the ability to add additional agents as needed, the ability to increase or decrease ports as needed, and without the need of expensive premise-based equipment.   

ISA staff made the decision to utilize the inContact platform for this fundraising campaign last year while on a competitor’s platform when the same client had major fundraising push in support of the global food crisis. That campaign nearly overwhelmed their previous infrastructure due to the remarkable volume of calls the campaign generated. Taylor states, “This year, with the Haiti relief campaign, inContact was able to handle the volume without flaw, and made a lasting impression on our team as to how well it can meet our call center needs.”

Utilizing inContact, ISA was successfully able to raise over half a million dollars for this client’s Haiti relief efforts. ISA was established in 1985 and represents over 120 organizations in the United States and Canada, with both inbound and outbound call-center services, as well as fulfillment and technology solutions. ISA staffs their phones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so that no call goes unanswered.  ISA averages over 300,000 calls per month, and services those calls with a highly trained and dedicated team.

When asked why ISA decided to partner with inContact, they stated the following: “We decided to partner with inContact because many of our inbound clients are media driven and in the media world things can change very quickly and viewer response can be extremely difficult to predict. We needed a solution that could help us meet those short notice goals. In order for ISA to be able to handle an unexpected call volume spike, we had to maintain an infrastructure that would meet those spike volumes at all times. However, with inContact’s platform, we can increase our capacity limits at a moment’s notice, while having minimal infrastructure in-house. InService America’s partnership with inContact will help us continue to grow and continue to exceed our client expectations.”

ISA’s experience with inContact demonstrates the ease and usability of inContact’s product offering. It is exciting and motivating to see inContact’s customer base grow and diversify in what its competitors see as a difficult market due to the down economy.