Not All Customers Are Created Equal

shutterstock_83590117(1)One of our amazing clients processes refunds for a number of consumer products. When these refunds come in, it is their standard policy to issue their refunds in the form of a cash card. However,  every month, they have a customer who calls into their company's contact center for a paper rebate check instead. Despite the fact that this exception to their process eats up valuable time and resources,  they accomodate this request each and every month. Sure,  it is a great example of going above and beyond for their customers,  however,  when you multiply this kind of effort over time and add in other higher maintenance customers,  you can start to see how it can really effect the bottom line.

As much as you might hate to admit it,  not all customers are created equal. Some are wonderful, but others cost you more time and money than they make you.  So, in a competitive world where customers are at a premium, how do you deliver great service to those that make you money and weed out those that don’t? 

It's an age-old question, and one that an upcoming webinar is tackling. We're partnering with Mike Ryan from Spice CSM and Chris DiMarco from TMC for a webinar on Nov. 15 to discuss how you elevate the customer experience in a contact center while identifying those customers that cost more than the revenue they generate.

The webinar will cover:

  • The levels of customer interaction with any given company and how critical the customer experience is to your success in the next five years.
  • How to deal with high-maintenance and unprofitable customers
  • How to build and maintain loyal and key strategic customer relationships
  • Customer strategies for today’s communication channels
  • Smart self-service techniques that will keep everyone happy
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