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Not Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket – How Businesses Are Allocating CX Funds

The next year should be one of substantial investment by businesses in their service channels, and that's great news for their customers. From traditional channels such as phone, to in-demand digital channels like online chat and SMS / text, organizations are demonstrating their commitment to the customer experience by funding service improvements in multiple channels.

This is just one of the many insights we discovered when we surveyed more than 900 global contact center leaders about key customer experience topics, including near-term investment plans. The latest results and analysis appear in the 2019 NICE Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark.

Both self-service and agent-assisted channels are being improved in the upcoming year, reflecting ongoing consumer demand for many options. The study found that a significant portion of companies – 40% – are very likely to invest in four or more channels to improve the customer service experience.

Of these businesses, those who have embraced cloud computing are more likely than their on-premise peers to offer at least eight of the eleven channels covered by the study. Channels include communicating with customers on social media, online chat, SMS / text, video chat, IVR, mobile apps, chatbots, and service via a home electronic virtual assistant device.

The study reinforces the fact that the relationships between businesses and their customers take place across myriad digital channels in addition to voice. Those organizations that offer a seamless omnichannel experience will be a step ahead in satisfying and retaining their customers (we’ll talk more about seamless omnichannel in my next blog – teaser: customers expect it, business are still behind).

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