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Omega World Travel Finds Innovative Solutions with Unified Cloud Platform

With $1.5 billion in annual sales, Omega World Travel is one of the largest travel management companies in the U.S.  Approximately 200 onsite and virtual agents handle corporate, government and leisure travel, making or modifying reservations, generating quotes and exchanging tickets.  Together they support three different channels—voice (inbound and outbound), email and chat (both inbound) in 19 different languages, making a unified cloud platform imperative in the contact center.

But not that long ago, Omega’s contact center was going nowhere. Its old third-party hosted cloud solution had weekly service outages, limited integration, slow service turnaround and poor reporting.  It also lacked connection flexibility for remote agents and did not allow them to use a cell phone or browser.  The company realized it needed to make big changes and evaluated a number of alternative solutions.

Omega World Travel selected NICE inContact CXone because it is the only true cloud-native solution with omnichannel functionality and flexible scalability. In fact, CXone was the only solution that met all the company’s requirements, including having voice, email and chat on one unified platform. With CXone, Omega can also scale rapidly to onboard a large corporate client.  And CXone’s robust reporting capabilities have given the company the visibility into the performance metrics it needs to meet its clients SLAs (service level agreements). 

And then there’s the matter of remote agents. Today Omega’s contact center team is split nearly 50-50 between onsite agents, who work at one of the company’s 10 contact centers, and virtual agents, who work remotely. Omega relies on CXone’s ability to accommodate remote agents—all they need is an internet connection and a browser to log in—which not only impacts day-to-day business but also aids in business continuity and disaster recovery. With this geographical flexibility, too, the company can always hire the best people, regardless of where they live.

CXone has also enabled Omega World Travel to develop some inventive technology solutions. The company built Omegalytics, a custom analytics platform that consolidates Omega’s internal data sources for reporting. CXone APIs pull in important contact center data such as SLA metrics. Capitalizing on CXone’s real-time reporting capabilities, the company has developed an innovative application that broadcasts critical SLA metrics to managers and customers using Amazon Alexa. Easy access and full transparency into key metrics are critical: Customers have nearly immediate visibility into their SLAs, which is a huge service differentiator for Omega. Internally, issues can be identified and addressed quickly, which has led to some remarkable improvements. For example, customer issues are now resolved in minutes not days, and overall handle time has been reduced by three minutes!