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Operations Leaders - it's Time to Modernize the Contact Center

If you are an operations leader for a medium sized organization, modernizing your contact center should be top of mind. As technology used in contact centers has become more specialized and capable over the past few years, your contact center may be approaching functional obsolescence. However, modernizing the contact center cannot, and should not, be left to the large, enterprise companies.

With the increasing role contact centers play in business strategy, perhaps you’ve already begun to suspect this. Maybe with rising call volumes you’re seeing disproportionate increases in operating costs. Maybe it seems as if it’s become more difficult to retain customers. Perhaps outbound sales efficiency has stalled. Or maybe your call center managers complain more frequently about how difficult it is to generate reports or to make operational changes. All of these could be tell-tale signs that your contact center is due for an upgrade.

Which brings us back to that feeling of uneasiness you get when you think about modernizing your contact center. There are many factors to consider. Do you upgrade or replace your existing system? Do you invest in ownership or pay for a service? Of all the available vendors and products, where do you start and how do you arrive at a sound decision?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the best advice from those who have already made this journey? Lucky for you, we’ve talked with many operations leaders like you who have also faced these same questions. In our research we have discovered three fundamental questions that can help simplify your search and evaluation -- three simple questions that could potentially save you money and a great deal of time!

In this blog series I will introduce a simple decision framework that will help you save time identifying “best fit” alternatives. In my next post, I’ll not only introduce you to this decision framework, but also explain why recent advances in call center technology may have made your contact center a prime candidate for an upgrade. If you don’t want to wait, you can skip forward by downloading this whitepaper.