Overwhelmed by needing to modernize your contact center Start here.

At some point, every contact center faces the stark reality of needing to modernize. You may still be spending hours creating reports on spreadsheets. You’ve got teams of agents but only rudimentary quality monitoring. Maybe you’re offering limited channel choices, even voice only. If your organization is like most, you’ve been wrestling with these issues for years. But the complexity of upgrading—and sticker shock—keep you in a state of “making do.”

Welcome to the dizzying world of What Do We Do Next? You’re not alone: Determining how to bring your contact center current actually involves a complex web of purchase decisions that can be downright daunting.  Even overwhelming.

Relax—help is here: we've identified five major challenge areas that every contact center faces and discuss how to navigate each one to determine the right solutions, based on the needs of your contact center.

  • Should I renew and/or upgrade my existing platform?
  • What about new unified communications (UC), PBX and other contact center


  • How do I evaluate cloud vs. premises solutions?
  • What level of integration to external systems (as in CRM) do my agents need?
  • What’s the incremental value of QM (quality management), WFM (workforce management), Analytics, and API (applied programming interfaces) to the performance of my contact center?

Today’s customers are driving change. They’re making brand purchase decisions based on every experience they’ve had with your contact center—and every other brand’s. Three out of four customers say they’ll switch brands over bad service. Your contact center can no longer afford to “make do.” Download Navigating the Contact Center Purchase Decision and take the first steps to modernizing—and to providing contact center experiences that are truly customer driven.