Paul Jarman Keynote Outlines an Exciting New Landscape

One of the highlights of ICUC 2017 at NICE Interactions in May was the product keynote delivered by inContact CEO Paul Jarman, who talked about the many exciting developments unfolding in the integration of inContact and NICE product portfolios.

This new combination of tools, solutions and market-leading products opens up new horizons for what’s possible across the spectrum of content center possibilities.  And makes us even better equipped to seamlessly deliver complete, integrated solutions through the cloud to help our customers achieve their business goals and provide exceptional experiences to their customers.  For example, we now have:

  • Access to a significantly deeper and broader portfolio of products.
  • The ability to leverage NICE people and resources across the world, which will speed up global expansion.
  • Hundreds of engineers working in the customer experience space, which is accelerating the pace of innovation.
  • Ongoing investment in cloud experts and infrastructure.

With solutions that integrate advancements and innovations with market-leading products and the power of the cloud, organizations will be smarter, faster and agile.  In fact, Paul said, agility is one of the most important assets in contact centers today, and the market is demanding it from us.

New and enhanced solutions run the gamut, from the first complete omnichannel journey to ways to better understand and use analytics to digging deep into performance behavior. New partnerships and tools are speeding up innovation and go-to solutions for enterprise and middle market customers alike. Platform security and global 24/7 support are being enhanced and expanded.

At the end of the day, Paul said, the keys to our success will always be how well we help our customers achieve their business goals and make things better for their customers who conduct billions of one-on-one contact center transactions every day. We’re here to solve problems, find opportunities and back you up in everything you do.

Together with NICE, we have the power, the financial capabilities, the research and development horsepower, the understanding of the international markets and the understanding across markets – across analytics, WFM, omnichannel to do extraordinary things with and for our customers.  And we’re just warming up…

Watch Paul's presentation here for more exciting details.