Performance Management – You Know You Need It and Here’s Why

If there is one single area you want to focus on in 2019 for contact center improvement, consider Performance Management. The contact center industry has always experienced higher attrition rates than many other industries, and with current workplace turnover at an all-time high, this has not changed. Overall turnover statistics in the call center industry as a whole vary greatly, but on average, turnover is between 30 and 45 percent.

High turnover not only takes a direct financial toll, but also negatively impacts customer satisfaction, wreaks havoc on contact center productivity and unnecessarily increases the workload for contact center supervisors and managers. Tools such as inView™ Performance Management for CXone help minimize attrition while inspiring your employees to improve performance and better align with your customer experience goals. Let’s look at five contact center challenges that a Performance Management tool like inView will help you address:

  1. Increase Agent Engagement: A Performance Management solution helps you motivate your employees by providing them with direct, continuous and immediate feedback on where they stand compared to their team, group or even the whole organization. Gamification encourages agent engagement and drives desired outcomes.
  2. Improve Agent Performance: inView can help you drive agent awareness and accountability, and provide transparent performance KPIs, empowering your agents with insight into the specific area(s) they need to focus on to improve their performance.
  3. Decrease Supervisor Workload: Instead of pulling data from multiple sources and manually selecting and merging them to create the complete picture, help your supervisors with a single view of the truth based on standardized metrics that are aggregated automatically.
  4. Maximize Training ROI: Help Supervisors target specific areas that need improvement by identifying individual training requirements at the agent level. Then analyze before and after to quantify training results, which help you to measure success and improve training programs.
  5. Inspire Employees to Improve: Dashboards quantify performance at the individual, team, group, and organization levels with a combination of real-time and historical information using an extensive collection of built in visualizations and formats. Combining productivity-based automatic call distribution (ACD) statistics with data from your CRM and other business systems helps create a culture of high performance and engagement.

To sum it all up let’s listen to a customer: "We've actually seen improvements in agent performance. We've seen improvements in agent retention. Our agent retention is some of the best in the industry," says Jay Baucom, Senior Vice President of Global Operations and CIO at Alphanumeric Systems. inView Performance Management for CXone is not the “Silver Bullet” that will solve all your contact center challenges – but it comes pretty close! It can help you identify and solve many common contact center challenges and reap radical results that will reflect in your overall contact center performance!

To learn more about NICE inContact inView™ Performance Management for CXone, start by watching our Product Overview Video!