Platform Extensibility – inCloud Developer Program

Henry Ford once said that “nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” A few months ago, Tim Harris outlined an aggressive plan to improve & expand the inContact ecosystem and broke it down into three initial components:

  1. Developer Community
  2. New API / API management tools
  3. Marketplace

Since then, our inCloud team has been working hard to make this vision a reality – below are a few updates:

Developer Community: We are pleased to announce that the first phase of the inCloud Developer Program is complete! Partners can now quickly & easily sign up and gain access to all the tools & resources needed to create applications that run on the inContact platform, including:

  • API support
  • Developer community forum
  • Test business unit
  • Access to the new inCloud API (allows applications to be used across all inContact business units)
  • Code samples / documentation

New API / API Management Tools: The new inCloud API provides access to all inContact clusters through one service. This means that, as a developer or partner, you will have the ability to leverage your programs/products against the whole of the inContact platform. We’ve also beefed up security that better controls access for inContact customers' and partners' applications. We're also working to take our API management tools to the next level, including enhancements to authentication, key management and architectural translations.

Marketplace: Building the foundational components mentioned above is critical for the success of our partners and customers. We are focused on creating an exceptional experience for developers to showcase and sell their apps, and for customers to purchase and provide feedback.

Look for the Marketplace to be launching later this year. To be a part of this new and exciting inCloud program, Contact us at to gain access to these great tools and resources! Stay tuned for more inCloud updates, including a new app developed by our team and launching in April!