Practical Advice for Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

Practical Advice for Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

In this video, the next in our series on Transforming Customer Experiences, Chris Bauserman, VP of Product Marketing, discusses practical advice for leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for customer service.

What is AI in the customer service realm and what are others doing?

  • AI technology is unique in that it is self-learning, it improves over time. And, its conversational. Instead of your customers selecting pre-structured answers, the AI technology can understand and respond back in a more natural way.
  • Primary use today is for faster responses to customers and saving money.
  • Many are worried about what the competition is doing and are they getting a competitive advantage by acting faster to leverage AI?

Chris suggests starting with self-service – voicebots or chatbots – save valuable agent time for more complex tasks

What is your biggest bang for the buck in leveraging AI for customer service?

  • Since containment in self-service bots is still pretty low, figure out how to seamlessly elevate to an agent to achieve a fast ROI while satisfying customers.
  • Leverage AI to streamline workforce management (optimizing schedules) or omnichannel routing based on personality fit.

What does the future of AI for customer service look like?

  • The primary uses will continue to be self-service and working next to agents to assist and offload manual processes, so it’s not either/or.Bots will become part of your workforce, so you need to plan for your bots like agents, figuring out how to coach bots like people by leveraging data.

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