Privacy Concerns Over Facebook

The Internet is a fascinating environment. By design, it is a network that was created to aid in the distribution and collaboration of information. While this inherent attribute has created an environment of rich opportunities and worldwide benefits, it also creates conflicts, and a great number of legal conundrums. One major reason for this conflict is that the Internet is ubiquitous, able to reach out to people virtually anywhere in the world, but… we all don’t agree on what information should be shared, how it should be shared, and what you should be able to do with that information.

Enter Facebook.

Facebook is a tremendously popular social media tool, used not only by millions of individuals, but also by businesses everywhere. One of Facebook's most well-known features is the ‘Like’ button. In a recent article by OSM, we learned that the German government has declared the Facebook ‘Like’ button illegal. The ‘Like’ button allows a user to indicate whether or not they ‘Like’ what has been posted. But that’s not all it can do. According to a German official, it also has the ability to track people’s movement on the Internet. While this tracking of Internet usage may be okay here in the USA, it is not so in many places in Europe. There is this little thing called the European Data Directive, and it has specific rules about the handling of certain items of personal information. According to Venturebeat.com, Germany apparently has stated that all German websites must remove the button by September 30 (already past). Facebook, of course, is rejecting the claims.

This illustrates the complexity of an Internet-powered world and highlights the importance of cloud security. You can see why inContact has adopted an active role within the Cloud Security Alliance, an international body that promotes best practices in cloud security. At inContact, we understand the importance of security and its complexity in the global market. We are working diligently to make sure that our products and services will be able to meet the operational and legal requirements of our customers… anywhere in the world.