Ovum Webinar

Proof in the Cloud - a New Decision Tool

There's a lot of press and content already about the glories of the cloud. Today we're releasing a new decision-making tool: "10-Point Checklist: Choosing the Right Cloud Contact Center." This checklist gives you some hard questions to ask cloud contact center vendors.

The majority of companies have already implemented at least one cloud technology or will be doing so in the next 8-12 months. For contact centers, not all cloud offerings are alike. Sure there are technology differences--and you need to understand the cloud choices--but beyond technology, there are mission-critical assurances that you need about the company and their long term stability to deliver the promises they make.

In a webinar and white paper, Daniel Hong, Lead Analyst at Ovum, outlines the three major criteria for comparison.

At each level, there are specific questions to ask all the companies you talk with about cloud contact centers. While technology is the foundation, the success of your decision may be much more dependent on criteria around vendor positioning and customer sentiment. When you start digging deeper than the sales pitch, you'll want to get to the tougher parts.

Cloud Customer Sentiment: Who are current customers using the cloud and what has been their experience with vendor technology, services and support? How well does the provider listen to customers?

Cloud Vendor Positioning: Does the company have a long-term view of changing customer expectations? How well does that map to what you know about your changing customers?

With this checklist, you can drive conversations with different providers to uncover the very specific details that could make all the difference. For more in-depth discussion around choosing the best cloud contact center, check out the webinar and companion white paper from Ovum.